About Privacy as Browsing

Our website takes visitors’ privacy very carefully. Here we explain what happens with your identity while making use of¬† webpage. Each visitor, just like you, is responsible for the action made on the site and the author of the particular website is not responsible for ways the content is going to be used.

Bunch of Private Data

While browsing¬† site, the visitors’ IP addresses are being logged with the visit date and time to provide the webmaster with web statistics. This data is only for the team of this site to analyse web traffic trends and will not be revealed to any third party.

Web Site Advertising

There might be advertisements on this website. These ads are meant to visitors by our advertising partners, who use cookies for ad personalisation. Cookies store information about your user behaviour in order to serve more personal ads to you. Cookies will only identify the behaviour and no personal information will be revealed. If you do not want these browser cookies to store information about you, then you can switch them off in your web browser or not to use our website.

Third Party Websites

Our website may link out to other pages that we have no control of. This means that after leaving the page here, you are already browsing new third party sites that have a separate team to administrate the content. We don’t give any guarantees to visiting sites we may link to. Such third party links on our site may be changing in time, and you need to explore the policies and terms of these particular websites separately.

Communicating With Us

You are always welcome to contact us in questions to this Policy, other actions regarding our webpage, or in case you have any ideas or inquiries that should interest us. You can contact us by opening the Contact page from web menu.

One’s Agreement to These Conditions

You agree to our Privacy Policy when browsing our website. This Policy can change in time and we have no obligation of informing our visitors about any particular change. If you find our Policies unacceptable, then please do not use this webpage.

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